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Misty Mountain Spring Ice Ice Misty 20 OZ Ice

Taste the Purest of Pure Spring Water

You know the feeling when you’re dying of thirst and craving some cold, refreshing water? When that feeling kicks in, grab a bottle of the purest of pure spring water from Misty Mountain. Our owners located and purchased a protected spring deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina.


Our water is sourced from the organic land from a spring completely surrounded and protected by the Nantahala Forest. The water is a non-GMO verified product, so you and your family can rest assured that it’s safe to drink.

Introducing Misty Mountain ice

Our team is proud to announce that we recently began production on our new Misty Mountain spring water ice in December 2014. Our spring water ice is created from the same water gathered from the spring in North Carolina.

The picture below tells the story. When you compare the traditional ice cube made with regular tap water and our Misty Mountain Spring Water Ice, you can see the difference.

Strict quality standards

  • Ice is tested for purity on a daily basis at our on-site lab

  • Strict quality control standards

  • Bottles are proudly made in the U.S.A.

  • Quality unmatched

Taste the difference in our ice

Our ice is currently being sold in over 75 stores and continues to expand. The clarity and purity of our water and ice are undeniable resulting in a clean, refreshing, and pure taste.

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