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Learn About Our Water Filtration and Bottling Process

Our team at Misty Mountain has been working and manufacturing bottled water since the early 1990s. The business started locally and has grown significantly over the years. Misty Mountain spring water is sodium-free, chlorine-free, lead-free, and Kosher-certified.


The Misty Mountain facilities bottle three different types of water – spring, drinking, and distilled. Our team uses a multi-barrier treatment process to further treat the water for any contaminants. Three steps are used in this treatment process: micron filtration, ultraviolet light, and ozonation.

Microfiltration protects you

A 1-micron absolute filter is used during this final filtering of the water. This method ensures certain microbial contaminants are removed. While parasites have never been found in our water, it provides extra protection.

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Ultraviolet light destroys contaminants

  • Final filtered water is treated with ultraviolet light

  • Emits wavelengths of 240 to 280 nanometers

  • An effective method for destroying bacteria, yeast, and mold

Ozonation is an "all natural" treatment

Ozonation is the final step in the treatment process. Ozone is used as a treatment method in place of chlorine. It is “all natural” and doesn’t leave any residual chemical effects in the water.


Ozone is oxygen (or O3) that is bubbled through the water right before bottling. Our ozone levels are maintained at 0.2-0.4 ppm at bottling. After bottling and capping, the ozone converts back to O2 and dissipates from the bottle.

Ozonized water prevents contamination

Ozonized water is used to rinse the bottle prior to being filled. The water bottles are “inverted” and then rinsed to help eliminate any possibility of bottle contamination.

Focused on strict quality control

Our team at Misty Mountain Spring Water Company is committed to its strict quality assurance and safety programs to ensure that your water is safe for you and your family.


The safety of the food we eat and water we drink can’t be compromised. Our quality assurance team utilizes the FDA’s HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) safety system to ensure product safety.


Our associates go to great lengths to guarantee the safety of our product to protect you. At Misty Mountain, our team has one goal: "to be the best."

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