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Bottling and Co-Packing Since the Early 1990s

Misty Mountain is a full line manufacturer and supplier of bottled water for store brand agreements, private labels, and co-packing. Our team bottles spring, distilled, purified, and enhanced products from as small as a single serve 8 oz. bottle to 4-gallon units.


Our facilities are located in Abingdon, VA and Cashiers, NC. Our bottling facilities are inspected by the Commonwealth of Virginia, State of North Carolina, and the FDA. The in-house quality assurance laboratory is state and EPA-certified (# VA006 and VA 01170).

Water sourced from organic land

Our water is sourced from protected, organic land in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina. Prior to certification of the springs, the State of North Carolina continuously monitored and tested to evaluate the purity.

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Strict quality assurance standards

  • Each batch of bottled water is thoroughly tested by in-house laboratory

  • Laboratory is a state- and NELAP- (EPA) certified

  • Non-GMO verified product

  • Always backed by our quality guarantee

Committed to providing safe products

Misty Mountain is committed to quality assurance and safety with its products. The team utilizes the FDA’s HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) safety system to ensure a safe product.

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